MapQuest OSM tiles, MapQuest Open Aerial Map and all code on GitHub

A while back Manifold released it’s own set of Image Server drivers that implemented some new functionality.  There also included a number of new ones, like the Yandex one for Russia.

Since these were released as opensource, but did not include all of the code that I had previously developed, I decided to merge them into my set, creating a single repository for all the Image Server intefaces available in Manifold (except any Google ones).  I also added a couple of new ones, being MapQuests OSM tiles, and MapQuests Open Aerial Map tiles.  I quite like the MapQuest styling on OSM data, and I could imagine that the open aerial tiles could be useful for Manifolds US users.

For the code, you can go to

For all the drivers, go to

For individual drivers, go to and download individually.

To use, paste the dll files into the Manifold directory on your computer (eg C:\Program Files\Manifold System)

If you already have the recently released set from Manifold from here then the only new ones you need are the OpenStreetMap and the NearMap ones.

NearMap Terrain

I forgot that I had finished this, so I figured I had better let it out of the bag.  The new version of the NearMap ISI driver for Manifold now has the NearMap terrain as an image layer.  I can’t say I find the colours all that useful, I would much prefer a simple grayscale hillshade, but none the less, some may find it useable for something.

Download the dll here

NearMap Terrain

Manifold NearMap Image Server Interface (ISI)

Further to some noise some Aussie’s have been making about NearMap, I have put together the NearMap ISI for Manifold.  Similar in concept to the OSM interfaces, it should just work. It loads the most recent imagery from nearmap, but with some extra work I could get it to load in other dates as well, it’s just not on my radar at the moment. Now if they could just get all of Victoria up on there I would be a happy chap!

Manifold ISI driver

Before using the files, read this

For the dll file go here

For the source go here

Manifold OSM image server interface (ISI)

Due to people’s persistence, I decided to have a go at generating the dlls required so you can load Openstreetmap tile images into Manifold GIS.

It took me longer than expected, but in the end, the tile specifications are very similar to the google implementation, which is quite well documented.  This helped a lot.

I have implemented the mapNik, Osmarenderer and cloudemade’s cycle map tiles.

A couple of notes:

The mapnik tiles are slower, as according to the useage policy, they don’t like more than 2 download threads. The usage policy did not extend to the tiles@home or the cyclemaps images, so I gave these the same number of download threads as I could see that they were serving.

They should work for both x64 and x32 installations.

To use, simply dump the dll in the same spot that you have your other image server dlls.

Manifold openstreepmap isi driver

Before using have a look at this

for the ISI driver go to here

If anyone is interested in the source find it here

First Page

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